ABOUT MiEn’s – Tailor in Hoi an

Mien’s was founded in Hoi An – Vietnam in 2018. There were so many poor-quality with low-priced products which were appearing on the market, this made a negative effect to consumption behaviours. Mien’s – Tailor in Hoi An was born with the purpose of changing the habit of fashion lovers. Mien’s has been working based on three immutable principles:

  • High quality materials

For Mien’s – Tailor in Hoi An, the materials we use to make such products are the most important thing. The process of selecting raw materials put under the scrutiny. Mien’s collections use high-quality premium linen that has been carefully washed. This is a reason why Mien’s products still remain their shape after many times of washing. Therefore, Mien’s products are highly appreciated by customers from all over the world.

  • Scrutinizing processes

Mien’s products are designed according to the measurement of each customer, and customized according to the requirements of fashion lovers. Mien’s chooses Hoi An traditional sewing method to produce all most of our products. All products are thoroughly checked before the products are delivered to Mien’s customers, to ensure that customers will be pleasured with their orders.

  • Environment Protection

Mien’s always believes that environment protection is a part of our responsibility. Therefore, Mien’s always uses Kraft paper to pack our products. With the desire of spreading our love for the earth through each of Mien’s products to all fashionistas.

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